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Gemeinschaftpraxis Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Baumgart, Dr. med. Thomas Zadow-Eulerich GbR

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Associates with the authorisation to represent:

Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Baumgart und Dr. med. Thomas Zadow-Eulerich


Competent professional body:

Medical Association of North Rhine –


Occupational titles:

Professor Dietrich Baumgart, FESC, specialist in internal medicine and cardiology.
These occupational and professional medical designations apply to Germany.

Dr. Thomas Zadow-Eulerich, radiologist
These occupational and professional medical designations apply to Germany.


Professional regulations:

Rules of professional conduct of the Medical Association of North Rhine-Westphalia:

Healthcare Professions Act of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia


Statement on consumer dispute resolution:

We are not prepared to participate in a dispute resolution process before a consumer arbitration service.


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