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Atrial fibrillation has in the meantime become something of an epidemic – and a dangerous one at that. Around 1.8 million people in Germany are affected. Atrial fibrillation is a particular type of abnormal heart rhythm in which the heart beats too rapidly and also irregularly.

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are closely related. But many of those who have diabetes are not even aware of the greatest risk entailed by the disease. They think the danger lies in metabolic dysfunction, when blood sugar levels rise too high or drop too low. However, there are in fact much greater risks associated with the harmful effects of diabetes on the heart and blood vessels.

Intestinal awareness campaign

In Germany, around 16 percent of women and up to 8 percent of men are diagnosed each year with irritable bowel syndrome. Many of those affected have only mild symptoms, but some are plagued by strong chronic stomach pain that greatly detracts from their quality of life.

Week-long campaign presents opportunity to obtain detailed information

The most reliable way to detect colon polyps early on and thus identify the preliminary phases of cancer is the conventional colonoscopy. But many patients still hesitate to get this exam, whether for lack of time or a feeling of anxiety. The exam is not painful, however, and modern methods allow it to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Intestinal awareness campaign

The intestines are our largest and also one of our most important organs. The causes for intestinal problems can be diverse and are often misinterpreted. We therefore attach great importance to cross-disciplinary diagnostics. In our own gastroenterology department, we investigate symptoms using state-of-the-art medical technology, and an interdisciplinary competence team discusses and coordinates all diagnoses.

From now on, we would like to use this platform to keep you informed about the latest developments in medicine, diagnostics, prevention and treatment. Of course you will also find out what campaigns, offers and special...