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Colonoscopy – time well invested

Week-long campaign presents opportunity to obtain detailed information

The most reliable way to detect colon polyps early on and thus identify the preliminary phases of cancer is the conventional colonoscopy. But many patients still hesitate to get this exam, whether for lack of time or a feeling of anxiety. The exam is not painful, however, and modern methods allow it to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

A comprehensive endoscopic exam of the entire colon takes only about 15–30 minutes and can be done on an out-patient basis. The patient can even be put to sleep upon request in order not to feel a thing. A brief period of sedation is all that’s necessary.

We use a new CO2 technology for endoscopy. The fast resorption of CO2 significantly reduces the bloated feeling during and after the exam. This makes the whole procedure much more tolerable and pleasant for the patient.

Our colonoscopy device works with so-called Narrow Band Imaging, or NBI light for short. It uses only a limited (narrow) light spectrum with wavelengths from 440 to 460 nm (blue) and 540 to 560 nm (green). These ranges are absorbed particularly effectively by hemoglobin. This makes the different tissue structures particularly easy to recognize, thus facilitating early detection of polyps.

In order to explain to you in more detail what the exam involves and to allay any fears, we are offering brief tours of our gastroenterological department with short  demonstrations from 3 to 5 p.m. each day during our campaign week.


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