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Preventicum cooperates with the Felix Burda Foundation

Intestinal awareness campaign

The intestines are our largest and also one of our most important organs. The challenge: Diseases of the intestines are often very complex and the symptoms are rarely clear-cut. The causes for intestinal problems can be diverse and are often misinterpreted. We therefore attach great importance to cross-disciplinary diagnostics. In our own gastroenterology department, we investigate symptoms using state-of-the-art medical technology, and an interdisciplinary competence team discusses and coordinates all diagnoses.


Of key importance here is to make sure our patients are in the know. That’s why we have organized a week-long campaign from 13 to 17 March, geared toward interested patients, medical colleagues and corporate clients. The centerpiece of the campaign is Europe’s largest model of the human intestines, measuring 2.8 meters high, 3.5 meters wide and 20 meters long. We are delighted that the Felix Burda Foundation is letting us use its splendid model to help inform people about intestinal health.


For one week, we will be shedding light on various facets of intestinal health. Along with the project patron, cardiologist Prof. Baumgart, the director of the clinic’s gastroenterology department and head physician of the EvK Mülheim hospital, Professor Hilgard, will be speaking on topics ranging from nutrition and irritable bowel syndrome to the important role played by our intestines in the immune system and what companies can do to contribute to preventing colon cancer.


Colon cancer is one of the types of cancer most amenable to treatment, and yet it is still in second place as cause of cancer deaths in Germany. Other illnesses of the digestive system that are widespread and often inadequately treated are irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia – frequently misunderstood illnesses that affect up to 16 million Germans. These are all important reasons why we think the intestines deserve more attention.

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