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Our staff of over 12 doctors from various areas of specialization allows us to conduct interdisciplinary diagnostics under one roof. Our team combines university-level medical expertise with the experience gained from long years of clinical practice. We are able to rely on the rapid communication made possible by a group practice. One of our main focuses is to actively share our clinical findings to provide a multidisciplinary diagnosis. In the discourse between young and old, we continue to learn together for the benefit of our patients.


Prof. Dr. Baumgart

Prof. Baumgart is a partner in the group practice and an internationally recognized internist and cardiologist. He previously headed the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Essen University Hospital.

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Dr. Zadow-Eulerich

Specialist in radiology Dr. Zadow-Eulerich is a partner in the group practice. He did his residency at the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology at Essen University Hospital.

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Dr. Biancosino

Specialist in radiology

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Ms. Kiefer

Specialist in general medicine

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Dr. Koetz

Medical Doctor

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Dr. Heidland

Specialist in cardiology and internal medicine

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Prof. Dr. Hilgard

Specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp

Specialist in internal medicine, nephrology, hypertensiology DHL

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PD Dr. Berg

Specialist in internal medicine, angiology, endocrinology

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Dr. Buse

Specialist in urology, special urological surgery and pharmacological tumor therapy

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Dr. Arjumand

Specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, angiology

Dr. Köpnick

Specialist in internal medicine, angiology, phlebology