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Our concept

Personalized medicine

We view modern medicine as a very personal matter. So we devote plenty of time to getting to know you and your medical concerns. In a detailed conversation, we plan the necessary examinations and advise you on your personal needs. Your own individual situation forms part of the diagnostic data and is also taken into consideration in planning the right treatment.

Interdisciplinary diagnostics

The more diagnostic data we have available, the more certainty the patient will have. Likewise important for an accurate overall picture is thorough interdisciplinary coordination. Complex diseases in particular call for interdisciplinary diagnostics. At Preventicum, an expert team of 12 professors and specialists work hand-in-hand, enabling us to clarify a wide variety of medical issues comprehensively and efficiently without long waiting times for the patient.

Holistic medicine

In our view, health means not only physical and mental fitness but also a personal feeling of well-being. We therefore advise you holistically and offer you accompanying therapies for any medical concerns, or we help you to make positive lifestyle changes.

Medical independence

Security and trust – we see these two aspects as the basic building blocks of a medical consultation. We therefore place priority on transparent, open cooperation between the physicians at Preventicum, the patient, and the patient’s family doctor. At Preventicum, you will always receive independent medical advice that focuses on only one thing: your health.