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Health in invaluable

Patient orientation is our guiding principle. As a private medical institute, we take the time to deal with your concerns in detail. Our services are available to all direct payers. When you make an appointment, we will advise you as to which examinations make sense for you. This lets you avoid unnecessary double visits and thus save time. We have a clear understanding of the varying needs of ill patients, clients coming in for a check-up, top managers and international clients.

Contact persons

Patient management

  • Lucia Finke, healthcare professional
  • lucia.finke(at)
  • +49(0)201.84717-11

Corporate client support

  • Susanne Müller, economist
  • susanne.mueller(at)
  • +49(0)201.84717-12


Ambience and time savings


In addition to medical expertise, we also offer you an exceptional and very private ambience conforming to the standard of an upscale hotel. We coordinate workflows so that all examinations can be carried out without long waiting times. Our interdisciplinary approach lets you avoid several visits to various medical practices as well as redundant examinations.

Cost transfer declaration

The subject of reimbursement for medical services is very complex and cannot be summarized in general terms. Before speaking with your health insurance company, feel free to call us first for advice: +49(0)201 84717-11/-20.

As a private practice, we do not require a referral slip from another doctor. It can however be expedient for those with private health insurance to obtain a referral. If you have statutory health insurance, you are welcome to take advantage of our services as a direct payer.

Additional aspects of our service

  • Short-term appointments for individual exams
  • Needs-based check-up planning
  • Free parking in the hotel’s underground car park
  • Breakfast included in the Basis Plus Check-up
  • Hotel partners in Essen within walking distance