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Maintaining performance

Preventicum can draw on more than 13 years of experience in preventive medicine for corporate clients. We are thus able to offer excellent medical services to the executives working for these clients. This is due not only to our medical qualifications but also to our unique concept. Our premises were originally planned as a preventive care centre for executives seeking a thorough check-up in a short time. Over the years we have continually expanded our staff of physicians and our medical technology so that we can offer precision diagnostics quickly and reliably. 


Special aspects

  • Company-specific content
  • Marketing support
  • Security through authorization concept
  • Trust through comprehensive information material
  • High level of service through corporate client support
  • Imprint of customer logo on request
  • Sustainability Club on request

Preventicum Classic

Preventicum Classic is our proven line, combining an in-depth examination by an internist with radiation-free precision imaging via MRI. The classic is our Compact Check-up, which takes into account the most common health risks of executives subject to high demands at work. We place special emphasis here on cardiac health, vascular status, the brain and the abdominal organs. If indicated, we can also conduct a classic colonoscopy.


Especially suitable for:


  • Top management with little time  
  • Screening diagnostics
  • Uniform examination package
  • Tiered programmes

Preventicum Focus

Preventicum Focus targets a particular region of the body and is designed for corporate clients that want to provide individual treatment for eligible employees or are interested in emphasizing certain issues. This option can also be combined with non-medical aspects such as nutrition management.

Especially suitable for:

  • Second-level executives 
  • Companies with diverse needs
  • A certain health philosophy to be applied when indicated
  • Companies just embarking on a corporate health management programme
  • Topic-specific programmes

Preventicum Plus

Corporate clients often have very individual requirements. With Preventicum Plus, we offer them a concept that can be highly customized.

  • Basic package with optional modules
  • Flexible add-on modules
  • Flexible cost-transfer agreements
  • Budget orientation
  • Definition of upper limits

Preventicum Out-Patient Services

Your employees are also welcome to make an appointment with us for individual examinations in acute cases or to clarify specific complaints. This offer is aimed at companies that do not offer a comprehensive corporate health management programme.

Preventicum On-Site

Preventive health care is all about everyday behaviour. As part of our diagnostic packages, we raise patients’ awareness of what makes for a healthy lifestyle and diet. On request, we can also offer measures to support an existing preventive healthcare programme. The topics are arranged individually in advance. Possible formats include: 

  • Keynote lectures
  • Seminars
  • Health awareness days